Hotel Meandro

From the very beginning, it is a family holding. The owner is Samuelli's.

Would you like to know
which is our philosophy?

We arrange for the guests
to gently relax immersed
in nature and comfort.



Gabriele D' Annunzio called "Meandro" the muletrack linking Gargnano with Riva del Garda. Thanks to this invention with the Roman politicians, the west Gardesana was built.

In 1959 the Samuelli's decided to run the " Meandro", a Inn equipped with bowl grounds, and afterwards turned it into a " Trattoria".
1977 the Samuelli' s purchased the " Trattoria" not only buildingthe present hotel and maintaining it's name but also enlarging and restructuring it.

The Meandro Hotel is nowadays CEE laws and safety regulations certified.


Historical quotations

The English writer David Lawrence can be considered one of the most well - known appraisers of the Garda lake. In 1912 he spent a short period at Gargnano, living at villa Igea nearby the small Villa port. 

He outlined the following interesting route: starting from the typical Church of S.Tommaso to the small Church of S.Tommaso, going along the Gardesana, then proceeding to S. Gaudenzio, the writer' s most beloved spot, turning into the crocefisso street.
From here it is possible to reach Tignale, after passing through Muslone, a path characterized by a marvelous landscape.