Holiday tips

From fairytale palaces to vintage car tours,
from cooking lessons to golf courses.

An offer of „themed packages“ to satisfy all the guests. . .
Today it is essential to create services that make every guest feel at home.
The result is really amazing thanks to the more and more original proposals, all studied ad personam. In
order to guarantee this service our guests can rely on a special „Personal Assistant“: Mara Samuelli, always
supported by her sisters Bruna and Graziella.

Thanks to the knowledge of the territory, 4 foreign languages and an excellent ability to relate, she is the
main point of reference, able to pamper the customer and fulfill every-wish, providing detailed
informations and advices, with the aim of making your stay more enjoyable.

„The key to customer loyalty goes through his mind and heart“.

All this can guarantee a special holiday
and a hotel experience that meets every expectations.

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“The guest must be able to feel at home"