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Mariano Fuga

The link with ceramics is the beating heart of Mariano Fuga's work, an artist but also an expert and collector of the material. 

Born in 1948, he is a ceramic sculptor and he has been the teacher of this fascinating discipline for 40 years at the Istituto Statale d'Arte in Gargnano, as well as husband of Graziella Samuelli since 1975.  In those years Mariano began to realize his works in the hotel's laboratory, and since then a permanent exhibition has been set up in the Meandro. 

Many of his creations furnish both the interior and exterior spaces of the structure and give the rooms a unique and prestigious characteristic, blending art and creativity, interpreting infinite variations and styles and satisfying art lovers. 

Some works have won awards in the main national and international events of contemporary sculpture and ceramics.

Ceramic, an ancient material rich in tradition, rooted in our cultural heritage and collective memory and still deeply connected with everyday life.
Ceramics are increasingly present in todays creative scene: from art to design.

Pottery is part of the Italian artistic tradition, especially in Emilia Romagna and Veneto. 

On 1st October 1967 the doors of the Art Institute of Gargnano opened and something radically changed in Lombardy: an entire generation began to learn the basics of our artistic history and gain the possibility of transmitting knowledge still unknown to many.

Why was Gargnano chosen as the location of the new institute? 

Tradition says that if you trace out the European borders with a compass, it’s obvious: the centre of the circle coincides with this village.

The idea was to train skilled craftsmen to create sculptures with olive wood, panels depicting breathtaking landscapes and local lemon groves and make ceramic tiles.  

This last art form was so much appreciated that by 1970 the patron Domenico Samuelli set up a ceramics workshop in the Meandro, at that time a trattoria with accommodation. This contributed to the diffusion of

Italian ceramic art and put on show the works created by the local masters of the art. 

After the opening of the Art Institute of Gargnano, teachers from all over Italy stayed at Meandro: and it was here that a story began that was destined to last until today.

“The gesture of the master that shapes today is replaced
by the will to give shape to a thought, to allow
ceramics to function as a message and sometimes provocation,
or to be a pindaric representation of something that surrounds us“.


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