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"... and now irresistibly, in my imagination,
I call the beautiful and heroic road “il Meandro”.…

The name “Meandro” was given by Gabriele D'Annunzio to the mule track that connected Gargnano to Riva del Garda. Thanks to his intervention with the politicians of Rome, he demanded the construction of the Gardesana “il Meandro of Benacus”. D’Annunzio was the strategist of that cultural tourism of which he is the inventor and which still today makes the Vittoriale one of the most visited museums in Italy.

Since 1992, on the north wall of our car park, there is an original painting by the painter Marco Paladini that represents an evocative stretch of the ancient road.

Since 1959,  hospitalityin the sign of the family


“People are the added value of a company and it is their passions that give great results.“


With the Samuelli family, the job of the restaurateur has been handed down
from father to son for three generations.

In 1959, in fact, Domenico opened „il Meandro", a historic tavern with a ballroom and later a bowling alley that became, thanks to the traditional cuisine of his wife Armida and sister-in-law Elsa, one of the first trattorias in Gargnano, a point of reference for its prestigious and succulent Sunday spit (artfully cooked by Domenico).

During this period, Armida and Domenico, strengthened by the knowledge of the German language learned in 10 years of work and study in Zurich, decided to throw themselves into the world of tourism. It is the genesis of a family history that develops and improves over the years: the daughters Mara, Bruna and Graziella grow up between the living room and the kitchen, breathing the example of their parents, learning from them the attention to detail, the careful search for the best raw materials, the culinary style of the dishes, their philosophy of hospitality.


In 1977 the Trattoria grew exponentially: a major renovation transformed „il Meandro" into a modern 3- stars hotel where the daughters Mara, Bruna and Graziella, who returned from abroad for educational and linguistic experiences (especially in Germany), continued to run the Hotel and Restaurant with the same passion and energy as their parents with an extra touch of internationality. 

Those were the „golden years“ , when the themes „welcome and hospitality“ became essential, when some people hosted tourists in their homes, when everythig were possible because the atmosphere were carefree and positive!

Precisely in this period was born the idea to build a comfortable, spacious structure in compliance with all the european’s regulations.

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In 1993 the daughters transformed the hotel into a real landmark for Gargnano and Lake Garda, thanks to its strategic position and a view that ranges from Malcesine to Sirmione.



This family business continues today with Andrea, Bruna's son, the sommelier and maître of the restaurant. „Going back to the craft of cooking, to being an innkeeper“.

Andrea doesn't talk only about dishes, but also about service: „Serve the customer with the spirit of the innkeeper of the past, who cares every aspect of service and hospitality“

Today the Meandro leaves nothing to chance, taking care of every detail: the 44 rooms, the welcome of a competent staff and an elegant, but also intimate and familiar atmosphere.

The Meandro is in the sign of continuity:

a family run place with the aim of safeguarding tradition, thanks to the search for the
substance of the taste of a cuisine made of product and quality. To complete the offer there is an indoor
swimming pool, a parking lot reserved for guests and packages designed ad personam.
The changes in the structure are evident, radical at times,
but our philosophy is always to make people feel at home.



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“The guest must be able to feel at home"