The great strength of this group is teamwork.

What is my role?

This is Graziella, human resources manager and team‘s „mum“:



“Working day after day to support my employees, trying to give them confidence and motivation.
At tomes it’s a struggle but then over time the confrontation can only help you to grow.
Whoever joins this team becomes a member of the family”.

And she adds:

"Our team is made up of people who, despite the seasonality oft he work, have been with us for up to 20
years on occasion. These people have become significant in the organization of the various departments
and all with one goal: the complete satisfaction of the guest.
The company can achieve this by providing a calm and foward thinking strategy."





This large organisation boasts a multi-talented staff of 15 people from all over the world, each with their
own qualities and peculiarities which enable them to perform the task in hand in their own unique way.
“The guest must be able to feel at home; while we show respect for our staff and their work,
just as our father taught us.”



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“The guest must be able to feel at home"