Local Products

Using local seasonal products in the kitchen, has been our choice
since the first day of opening.
Here are our specilaitiies:


Ristorante meandro per ospiti e per esterni

Oil E. V. O. (Extra Virgin olive Oil)

Casaliva, Leccino and Gargnà are the three typical olive varieties of Gargnano. We have about 40 of our own plants that we grow strictly organically. At the beginning of October we begin the harvest of the precious olives that we take to the two local mills for the best processing.

Citrus fruits

Gargnano has numerous lemon groves, some of which are well preserved and can be visited. It is considered the capital of citrus fruit cultivation. During the famous annual event Giardini d’agrumi - Citrus
Gardens- it is possible to get completely involved in an unforgettable journey of spring scents and flavours.
Lemons, oranges, bitter oranges, grapefruits, cedars, fortunelle (kumquats), are among the most cultivated varieties of citrus fruits and their addition to our typical dishes is always guaranteed.

Ristorante meandro per ospiti e per esterni
Ristorante meandro per ospiti e per esterni

Capers and cucunci

The capers of Gargnano grow, almost magically, on the typical dry stone walls of the lemon houses and along the old mule tracks. They lend themselves to numerous culinary preparations that enhance
traditional recipes. Especially the cucunci, the flowers of the caper, are to be considered an excellence served with any aperitif.


The fish of the lake is certainly an added value of the territory and in Gargnano, thanks to the „Frans family,
historical fishermen of the village, it is always present in the unique and characteristic selling point present
daily under the arcades of the old town hall. Among the most popular types are: coregone whitefish, trout,
perch, lake sardines, pike, chub, tench and bleak. Special feature: the carpione, a precious salmoid, is a fish
present only in Lake Garda;  currently protected, it was one of the most delicious fish dishes in the area.

Ristorante meandro per ospiti e per esterni
Ristorante meandro per ospiti e per esterni

Other local products

The local gastronomy is also enriched in the hinterland, thanks to the typical products of Alto Garda such as: game meat and sausages, cheese and dairy products, mushrooms and the recent rediscovery of the black truffle.