Upper Garda Park

Upper Garda Park

The Meandro Hotel
has increasingly become a
destination for photography fans,
thanks to the splendid territory
in which it is set.

More and more often Meandro Hotel is chosen by photography fans, professionals and not, and, more generally by nature lovers for their own vacations.

The reason is tied to the special territory in which the hotel is set: the Upper Garda Park. An amazing environment rich in fascination, with breathtaking panoramas over the lake and the many areas of naturalistic and landscaped interest that offer perfect outposts for unforgettable images.

But not only nature characterizes the territory of the Garda and its inland, enough to penetrate the lanes of Gargnano or its many hamlets in order to discover paths locked within the massive walls of the lemon garden, small gates, and large buildings, witnesses of a glorious past, and ancient remains of the productive activity of the past centuries.

The inland areas connected with small breeding and agriculture still guard the values, rhythms of life and characteristic traditions of a simple, ancient culture and that offer starting points for special shots thanks to the deep expressiveness of the subjects found there.

The infinite facets of the Garda territory offer an ideal subject for naturalistic photography, and more; here, the spaces come into deep contact with the soul of visitors, feeding that source of emotions that inspires photographers. The air is perfumed with silence, calm, and ancient respect for nature, where the times and ways are slow, as if fixed in photographs.

The activity of  photographers is also encouraged here by the climate that, influenced by the presence of the lake, is always mild and pleasant: the average annual temperature ranges from 12°-13°, with extremely rare snow and fogs, while in summer a constant breeze blows over the lake (for the joy of surfers and sailing fans).

The mild climate has favorite the growth of olive, lemon, and palm trees and has contributed to making Lake Garda an important international tourist destination. Gargnano is the most northern part of Europe where lemons are actively cultivated, and the contrast between pre-alpine territory and Mediterranean vegetation truly fascinating. The gentle climate, celebrated by writers, guests and travellers of all times, encourages a variety of species of flora to prosper: walnuts, chestnut trees, grapes and olives make the territory of the lake an exceptional source of colors.

The Meandro hotel is found in the heart of this paradise and represents the ideal place for a stay enjoying excursions in search of that special shot that will keep these places in our memories.